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In the time of ancients, where great giant lizards ruled, before man even set foot on earth, where the dinosaurs were known as the biggest of the reptilian family on earth. The land if full of carnivores and herbivores who are living as a balanced life cycle. The lands are untainted by human manufacturing. The lands are widespread of trees, mountains and fresh waters. Most of the land was exotic, with palm trees and humid air. Most of the world was full of water instead of dessert and land today.The volcanoes here are very active and have create many tar pits in there areas. It was dangerous then. Everything was effected by natural caused nothing was changed. Out of the dinosaurs, the smartest of them all, lives the velociraptor. They live in the tall grass and even the sounds they make are enough to make cold icy chills run up your spine. They are one of the closest skeletal structures to a bird, but not exact. There best talents are hunting, there speed and stealth is good enough to rip you to shreds before you realize they were stalking you.Having such a structure gives raptors the ability to run fast and jump high. There teeth may not be as big, but they can still tear flesh and bone of anything. Although they are hunters they are also considered scavengers. They are great at hiding and are best at hearing and seeing, unlike the Tyrannosaurus rex. He is considered blind, but can catch moving prey. He is one of the biggest around and dangerous. The carnivores are considered as territorial creatures who will try to take over others. Although the thought of herbivores as harmless. They are given adaptation to protect themselves. Some are given plates on their back, some are given bone shield on their heads, and some are even given hammer tails and just horns. Many travel in herds to keep themselves protected. They roam the lands finding great migrating locations and breeding grounds. Usually herds have trailers who will pick off the weak ones. In this era, it was the fight to survive and only the tough survive.

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Indians or as the are referred to as aboriginal natives, live all across the north Americas. There are many tribes, some are extinct and some are still around. It is dishonorable to consider as endangered animals, but they have been. They are people who are at peace with the earth and believe in animal gods. They respect nature as their equal and treat everything as an importance, giving everything a reason. They are talented at farming and are creative in many crafts including dream catchers, hide paintings and even bead weaving. They can build anything to their needs out of the resources in nature, for example the homes they live in, wigwams, teepees, and longhouses. They were plagued when the white man came to their land. They were evicted from where they lived and placed in reserves. It was senseless, forcing natives to learn the English language and act like a fellow Englishman. They were beaten at school if they spoke there language. They were even assaulted for no reason, even worse, some were even killed. The Whiteman took everything from them and now, ever so slowly, they’re trying to get it back. Here are the tribes: Iroquois, Cherokee, Seminole, and Chippewa on the east side. In the middle is the Sioux, Pawnee, plains apache, Blackfoot, nez perce, pueblo, Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, western apache. On the West side Haida and Pomo.

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No New Posts Ancient Egypt Rp's

The ancient Egyptians were one of the greatest builders that ever lived. They’ve built the great pyramids, the sphinx and other cool structures. They have built temples within the cliffs that are on their land. The Egyptians were one of the first civilizations that created the art of perspective. They even used hieroglyphics to explain their lives within the pyramids. The land of Egypt is like a gold mine, the river stops at the places of the royals, where the water runs into the building and through the whole city in Egypt. The Nile gives them a chance of survival in the dessert life. It even grants them with a great route of transportation especially for the funeral boats.They have more rice then you could ever imagine and gods grant them great wealth and prosperity. They respect gods of all nature. They have gods of death and of life. The lower rants live in straw houses that mostly there families have made. Or they even live in the mud buildings that they make from the ground up. They still love to have fun like the royals do in the places. They party like the pharaoh and his family. But lower rants were not allowed in the horse carriage races against the royal families.

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