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No New Posts Anthro Roleplays

A magical forest for the wonderful creatures; the forest shines of gold light from above them, letting the rays give life to the world within. The apples were pure goodness with fully good juice, but they were golden color because the forest shined of gold. Everything was real, like some of the forest is gold, but other parts were black gold for the darker anthro creatures. The forest is huge for every type of anthro you can think of.There are pockets in the forest for small ponds and even large openings for lakes. They forest isn’t flat it is in layers and in cliffs for waterfalls and rivers to run through it. The food was plentiful and most of the anthros within the area got along except when war was an issue. The city sits on the very highest cliff of the forest. It sits in the centre surprisingly with the forest surrounding it.The castle stands above all. The castle stands on the north end of the city. It has the water fall starting from its front. The water runs along the path down the city, splitting it into two halves. It looked pretty even, save for what was held in each side. There were five separate bridges for anthros to cross over from one side to the other.

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1 1 Out for a Hunt (Crystal)
by Midnight
May 17, 2016 10:09:09 GMT -5
No New Posts Wolf Roleplays

Beyond the forest in the clearing is an area where a pack of wolves live together as a semi happy family. There is a huge cliff that over looks the whole forest on the west side, which they own. The cliff also extends slightly off over the stream that runs though the whole forest area. It cuts through many tree rows and swerves around into many places, showing it didn’t run on one straight path. The cave branching off from the cliff was huge the inside went for miles.It has an exit that went all the way to the east side of the forest, a different pack owned. This part of the forest was welcome to any wolf young, old, big or small. Any wolf was welcome even if they were dark or light, normal or elemental, wolf with wings or wolf with powers or both. The plains were where they mostly slept if it was too cold in the cave or if they were training out in the clearing of the area. But the wolves had to beware of their prey.The deer hear have taken a new form, going to the demonic stages of life, creating a new threat.

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2 2 Looking for a friend
by mystery
Sept 28, 2016 9:03:20 GMT -5
No New Posts Wild Cat Rolplays

There is a region in the mountains that is run by wild cats. There ranges run for miles and the land is beautiful even with the repeating of fir trees. The mountain peaks and the valleys below are in a fog as the rivers and lakes below litter the area. The fir trees run along the side of the mountains and to the bottom as well. There are many openings of fallen logs and bare fur trees from age. The snow on the ground in the winter is very deep from spaces and the rivers are fallen from the mountain sides. The peaks are powered with winter snow, and look a shiny blue from it being so cold. Everything has a light sheet of ice from the frost. There are some trails that have been formed by years of erosion. Some of the places are rocky with no trees at all. Some of the lakes are very deep and some are not. Along the bottom of the fir trees are the other trees, not like them. More like maples, oaks, and birch trees. More of the exotic cats hang around there because it is better for them. The ponds and lakes around there are much warmer then near the top. The trees are bare in the winter now and causes many to more up the mountains.

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No New Posts Dragon Roleplays

In the highest point where volcanoes are common, where the fire bursts from the burning mountains onto the earth and smolders it; Dragons roam around the area. A majority of the population live in the caves built into the volcanoes. The volcanic mountains sit in the outer area of the ring of mountains, outlining the territory, marking it dangerous to move on. Some live deep in the mountains of the snow peeked mountains, they sit behind the Volcanoes, protected by their radiant heat. They stand above them as blue shadowed spikes with white tips. As you reach the centre, the deepest of the mountain range, there is a range of forest covered mountains. Many other Dragons choose this area for its peaceful environment and shelter.These ranges sink in behind the snowy peeks in protection of human eye. Come dragon riders and slayers, come here to either kill the dragons or capture them for riding; but beware…these creatures could be dangerous, but don’t let the ranges kill you first.

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No New Posts Horse Roleplays

Down past the deadly canyons, over the rocky roads, and through the forests of the western lands roam the horses with all their glory. They are most beautiful creatures that ever lived. There habits of travel through the land have inspired many. They roam in herds and protect their family from a few predators. Because of their size and number of members in herds, not many animals have tried to take on these majestic creatures. They roam freely and wild through the west with no thought of obedience. The lands are green and are filled with rich soil. There are many forest groves and meadows to run through. There are streams and lakes that pocket and run along the ranges of the west. They roam all through the west trying to survive their human enemy’s thoughts to use them as their own. An unlucky few has been taken from this land and trained to do the work of man. As well as there new friends, some horses have be adapted to have wings or corns or both; some are big some are small. These new creatures are being considered as the fantasy horses of the land.

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No New Posts Fox Roleplays

In the forest is a huge region where foxes thrive. The territory runs almost through the whole forest. In the depths within there are lots scattered trees, fallen logs and unclaimed burrows to build new dens for their families. There are small cliffs that cause one slowly drooping waterfall as it goes through the steps of natural placed rocks. Trees surround it even as it descends to the bottom.The forest opens up every now and then into fronts, revealing wondrous lakes and small ponds. The trees are not alone though, they are joined by shrubs and bushes. Both containing delicious food and some contain unwanted dinning. There are displaced rocks along the forest, creating hills and hiding spots.The ground sinks in areas caused by heavy, big trees, caused by passed pond to dry up. Root stick out from the ground from being bunched together in the ground for too long. In sudden places in the forest are sudden drops that average to a twenty foot drop. The place provides old age, showing decay in fallen trees and moss on setting rocks.

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No New Posts Street Dog Roleplays

Dis coming soon.

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1 24 Somewhere Only We Know
by Midnight
Jun 24, 2016 20:38:53 GMT -5
No New Posts A mixture

This will be a bored for other animal rps not listed as well as a mixture of animal roleplays. Like African animals, Sea Animals, Birds, ect.

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